College Library + The Big 1-1-7 for Helen C. White = Cupcakes

November 26, 2013
Director Carrie Kruse

In keeping with the yearly tradition, College Library gave away 117 cupcakes this afternoon (Tuesday, November 26), in honor of Helen C. White’s 117th birthday. What an unexpected treat!

Public Services Librarian Pamela O'Donnell
Public Services Librarian Pamela O’Donnell

The building’s namesake was born in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1896 and became the first woman full professor in the College of Letters and Science at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. A respected scholar in the English Department, Helen was known for her teaching ability: her former students remember her with awe and fondness. She was also known for almost exclusively only wearing purple garment, and thus the purple frosting! White’s memoir, written by Toni McNaron, is even called The Purple Goddess.

Public Services Librarian Kelli Hughes
Public Services Librarian Kelli Hughes

For more information about Helen C. White, please visit College Library’s webpage devoted to her life and career. For more photos of cupcake giveaways throughout the years, see College Library’s Flickr photostream.

Stop by next year for one of 118 cupcakes!