We’re Making Our Mark: Librarians Partner in Giving

October 29, 2013

UW—Madison Libraries are once again participating in the Partners in Giving campaign! This campaign is a once-a-year, volunteer-driven workplace campaign through which employees of the State of Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin, and University Hospital & Clinics in Dane County join forces to donate to over 520 charitable, social, environmental, and civic organizations. This year, the campaign runs from October 14 through November 29, 2013.

Partners in Giving has had an enormous impact on the community for the last 40 years. The organizations included in the campaign go through an extensive selection process to ensure donations can go to a wide variety of causes, from environmental conservation to food security to animal adoption.  Organizations are also evaluated for their overhead costs, quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. Those who give can donate to a particular community-based organization or give to an umbrella campaign aligned with one’s interest.

“I think it’s important for the libraries to be engaged and involved in this community of giving that the Partners in Giving campaign has cultivated over the last 40 years,” Cat Phan, Metadata Librarian of the UW Digital Collections Center, said. “If we all donate, it makes our impact greater.”

Last year, the campaign earned over $2.7 million, with the Libraries contributing $22,460 to that figure. Participation also increased from the previous year up to 29.2%.

“I hope to see an increase in overall participation. It’s not about how much an individual gives, but that we’re participating in something larger than ourselves,” commented Ed Van Gemert, Vice Provost for Libraries and University Librarian. “It’s a way of giving back, and as colleagues we can show appreciation for the employment they have.”

Phan and Jessica Newman, Undergraduate Services Librarian at the Steenbock Library, are also excited to announce the 5th Annual Partners in Giving Thanksgiving Bash, including a pie competition.

Partners in Giving is a powerful campaign that helps our dollars go further to those who are in need. “The combined effort saves time and money for the charitable organizations, plus overhead costs are much lower than other campaigns because it is volunteer-driven,” Phan reports.

Donating is an easy process: your gift, your choice! Employees can give by cash, check, credit, or payroll contribution. Go here for a list of charitable organizations from which you can choose. For more information about the campaign and how to give, please visit Partners in Giving.