Ask a Science Librarian at the Wisconsin Science Festival

September 25, 2013


The 3rd Annual Wisconsin Science Festival is in town this week, starting today, September 26th, through September 29th. Events are primarily at UW—Madison’s Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, but other programs are happening in 20 sites across Wisconsin. This year’s festival features keynote presentations by such household names as National Public Radio’s Ira Flatow, Nobel laureate Roald Hoffmann, artist Vivian Torrence, evolutionary biologist and author Sean Carroll and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Deborah Blum.

UW—Madison Libraries is also be making an appearance. In the Discovery Expo, multiple science libraries such as the Steenbock Library, Wisconsin’s Water Library, Wendt Commons Library, Geology Library, Ebling Library, are staffing an interactive Ask a Science Librarian table. Ask a Science Librarian is next to many other information booths filled with scientific exploration. The science librarians also plan to do some giveaways and hand out cool free gear! Learn more about our science libraries and ask our talented librarians some big questions. The table will staffed from today through Saturday.

The Humanities Research Bridge also has an exhibit on display at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. The exhibit, titled Victorian Eyes, examines Victorian literature from literary, statistical, and artistic vantages. With the modern deluge of media and information, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amounts of data available. The exhibition will challenge audiences to think about perspective from a cultural context, the role of art in shaping perspective and the various perspectives different statistical modes of analysis can offer. The exhibit will also be displayed at Memorial Library in March 2014.

At a Glance

  • What: (Libraries at!) Wisconsin Science Festival
  • When: TODAY, September 26th – September 29th (Ask a Science Booth until September 28th)
  • Where: Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, 330 N. Orchard Street, Madison, WI 53703
  • Why: Check out what libraries are doing for science research.

Want to learn more? Check out the Wisconsin Science Festival for more information.

See art from the Victorian Eyes exhibit here.