Postcard Looking Northwest, Showing Part of University Buildings, Picnic Point and Lake Mendota in Distance, Madison, Wisconsin. From the UW-Madison Collection, UWDC. [UW.CLP-S0047.bib]
In case you missed it:  the Internet Reviews section of College & Research Libraries ran a review of the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections in their February 2013 issue.  Sarah Goodwin Thiel, of the University of Kansas Libraries, reviewed the UWDC websitein glowing terms, noting that the UWDCC has digitized over 1 million books, objects, and other ephemera since it was founded in 2001.

The review goes on to praise the UWDC collection as a well-designed, comprehensive, and easy to navigate resource:  “It provides extensive information on a large number of subjects using text, image and media files, and descriptive data. For those researching the state of Wisconsin, there are amazing regional materials to be found and explored. For teachers, both in and out of Wisconsin, the curriculum development materials cover a wide range of topics and are well-designed and simple to use. The site introduces and promotes UW library collections to a global audience, and its ease of use tempts visitors to dig deeper and learn more about the robust collections of the UW Libraries. And for those of us looking for inspiration, design ideas, and a standards-based, sustainable digital collection model, the UWDC site is a great discovery.”

Congratulations to all the library staff and partners who have worked to create the UWDC and make it a fantastic resource!

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