We are all linked together.

Information, ideas, and culture are being shared around the globe in ways unprecedented in human history. The art, discoveries, literature, music, politics and problems of nations are not isolated to their borders—they are interconnected.

Freshmen receive the 2011-12 Go Big Read selection, “Enrique’s Journey,” at the Chancellor’s Convocation. Photo by Jeff Miller.

This global reality provides a rich setting for myriad stories of adaptation, conflict, collaboration, cultures clashing and merging, despair, faith, family, grace and resilience in the face of rapid change that is transforming the world.

For the 2013-2014 year of Go Big Read, the selection committee for UW-Madison’s common-reading program is seeking a book that fits this theme of global connections. Fiction titles are strongly encouraged.

Ed Van Gemert, interim director of the UW-Madison General Library System, says choosing a book that enhances readers’ awareness of the wider global community and fosters understanding across cultures fits the mission of both the university and Go Big Read.

“Since its earliest days, UW-Madison has championed global connections,” Van Gemert says. “The breadth and scope of its curriculum, research initiatives, partnerships, and service learning opportunities reflects that commitment to a wider world view.” 

The deadline to submit a title for consideration is Feb. 1. The selection committee is also seeking input from faculty experts. The committee will spend one month reading and discussing books before making a recommendation to the chancellor, who will make the final selection.

Nominated books should do one or more of the following:

  • Promote enjoyment of reading by being readable, relevant and engaging
  • Incorporate sufficient depth and scope to promote sustained discussion of different points of view
  • Appeal to individuals from a variety of backgrounds
  • Have cross-disciplinary flexibility that can tie into a variety of campus activities and programming.

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Press Release by Jenny Price.