Text provided by Tracy Honn, Silver Buckle Press

Silver Buckle Press has a timely exhibit up in the hall cases on the second floor of Memorial Library. Titled “End of Times: 2012 Broadside Exchange,” the exhibit is a display of themed letterpress prints about the predicted 2012 apocalypse.

Print for “End of Times” by Mary Bruno.

The invitational portfolio was organized by artist and printer Mary Bruno of St. Joseph, Minnesota. Artists’ responses range from the poetic to the tongue-in-cheek. Of the printmakers involved, several have UW-Madison roots, including Sara Wrzesinski, Rachel Melis, Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., and Tracy Honn.

The “End of Times” prints are also currently on exhibit at Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis, MN.

The exhibit runs through December 31, 2012 in the hall display cases on Memorial Library’s second floor.

For information, contact Tracy Honn at 608-263-4929, or Visit Silver Buckle Press online.