Today we have the pleasure of speaking with library staff member Erin Lorandos about her artwork, which was displayed as part of the Library Staff Art Exhibit in Memorial Library this summer.

What is your position with the Libraries? I work as an LSA Advanced in the Interlibrary Loan Office.

Photograph by Erin Lorandos.


What pieces are you displaying in the art exhibit? What types of materials do you use? This year, I entered two pieces of photography which I took this past winter in Hawai’i. All I use is my camera and the photo paper!

How long have you done this type of artwork, and how did you get interested in it? I’ve been interested in photography forever. My father is a professional photographer who used to do all the still photography for the Badgers football team, and he instilled that interest in me at an early age. When digital photography came around, it made it so much easier to practice and hone skills he’d taught me through traditional film.

Any upcoming projects in the works? Oh, I’m always looking for subjects! I’m really looking forward to practicing my portraits this Fall when my first baby is born!!

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