Mayrent Institute Sound Salon with Eléonore Biezunski

February 21, 2021

Yerushe: Bringing the Archive to Life. Sound Salon with Eléonore Biezunski
Free and Open to the Public
February 28, 2021 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm CT
Virtual (Zoom): Register online

Eléonore Biezunski singing at a microphone, performing with Yerushe at Cafe de Paris. Photo by Ivan Kuzmin

Our friends at the Mayrent Institute for Yiddish Culture are presenting a Sound Salon with musician and sound archivist Eléonore Biezunski performing Yiddish songs and klezmer instrumentals from the archival collections of Ruth Rubin, Moshe Beregovski, and Zusman Kiselgof. Learn about the materials’ context, explore the histories of their collectors, and listen together as these musical treasures bridge the past, present, and future of Yiddish and klezmer creativity.

Eléonore Biezunski is a Parisian singer/violinist now living in New York City. An avid collector of Yiddish music, she co-founded and is a member of Ephemeral Birds, Yerushe, Lyubtshe, Shpilkes, Shtetl Stompers, and Klezmographers, and has collaborated with a large number of well-known Jewish performers here and abroad. Her recordings include Yerushe (IEMJ, 2016) and Zol zayn (2014). As YIVO’s Associate Sound Archivist, Eléonore is the Project Coordinator for the Ruth Rubin Legacy website. She also recently joined the team of the Klezmer Institute’s Klezmer Archive Project. She is a PhD candidate at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris and is a recipient of a NYSCA Folk Arts Apprenticeship.

As keepers of the Mayrent Collection of Yiddish Recordings, we at Mills Music Library archive and make accessible the thousands of Yiddish songs, klezmer music, cantorial songs, and other types of recordings from locations as diverse as the United States, Eastern Europe, Latin America, South Africa, and Israel. We look forward to hearing Eléonore Biezunski speak about her work and perform the music!