MEMF 2019: Grand Tour souvenirs

June 26, 2019

Madison Early Music Festival 2019 20th Anniversary banner

This year Madison Early Music Festival (MEMF) presents The Grand Tour: A 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Madison Early Music Festival, happening July 6-13, 2019. It will be an homage to the 300-year tradition of young English aristocrats trekking through France and Italy in search of art, culture, and the roots of Western Civilization. This theme will take a trip of discovery through the wealth of music, art, ideas, and inventions that illuminated the Medieval, Baroque, and Renaissance eras.

Mills Music Library has collaborated with Special Collections on a display in Memorial Library’s lobby of holdings related to MEMF’s The Grand Tour theme that will coincide with the festival. Be sure to pause and peruse the materials when entering the building. Mills Music Library has resources galore for MEMF participants as well as concertgoers. Come on in and borrow some Grand Tour souvenirs!