Jim Leary on WPR’s Central Time

November 15, 2017

Professor Emeritus Jim Leary appeared on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Central Time today for a segment titled The Importance of Preserving Folk Culture in Wisconsin. Leary spoke about the work he’s done over the years, and also his recent efforts–including the collaboration between Mills Music Library and the Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures that resulted in the NEH grant received in 2016. The project the grant is funding is called Local Centers/Global Sounds, which entails a unique collection of historic recordings from Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest receiving archival processing, digital reformatting and preservation. Leary has been spending a fair amount of time in Mills Music Library working on this project lately, in a space we’re calling The Grant Bunker. Stay tuned for future announcements of the progress the team working on it is making!

One corner of The Grant Bunker, showing 78s, archival boxes, and other materials to be digitized as part of an NEH grant
One corner of The Grant Bunker in Mills Music Library, showing 78s, archival boxes full of papers and recordings, and other materials to be digitized as part of an NEH grant project titled Local Centers/Global Sounds