A Sort of a Sign

October 21, 2015

An avid user of Memorial Library wanted to write a poem that we would understand.  And if you have ever visited our beautiful, complex library, we think you will too.  The title is after William Carlos Williams’ poem “A Sort of a Song.”

A Sort of a Sign

You are here.

Memorial Library has a lot of truth, but it can be tricky to find.

Please reshelve newspapers.

Please do not reshelve newspapers.

Use the catalogue to find the call numbers for the items you want.

Cutter call numbers follow three strict rules.

Except for exceptions and oddities.

Questions? Want to talk with a real person?

For help using the catalogue, go to the Reference Desk.

If you are in need of information, please ask for some at the Periodicals Desk.

The Periodicals Desk is no longer regularly staffed. Please inquire at the Reference Desk.

Help is available at the Reference Desk.

The reference librarian has stepped away from the desk and will return momentarily.

The photocopiers have ancient Greek names—like “Chaos”

Danger: do not climb shelves.

Emergency exit only; the real exit is behind you.

By Katherine Lydon