Interdisciplinary Graduate Reading Groups Forming

October 1, 2015
Sign for Memorial Library Commons

UPDATE: The questionnaire has been closed. To participate in this year’s groups, please email librarian Julie Arensdorf.

Are you a graduate student looking to connect with other students outside of your Department?  Well, here’s your opportunity!  The Libraries, in partnership with the Graduate School, are organizing and hosting interdisciplinary graduate reading groups at the Memorial Library Commons.

If you find yourself at all intrigued by the idea of connecting with peers in other disciplines, please fill out this very brief questionnaire to learn more, provide suggested topics, and/or indicate your own level of interest in participating.  Based on the responses to this questionnaire, we will determine reading group topics, dates, and times.

With academic research continually becoming more interdisciplinary, the formation of networking connections beyond one’s own primary research area or department has never been more valuable.  And because the Libraries and the Graduate School support research in all disciplines, hosting these reading groups is an excellent opportunity for us to facilitate and nurture increasingly critical cross-disciplinary conversations.

In addition to refreshments (of course!), Memorial Library will provide a comfortable space, links to readings, and support to keep the conversation going and foster connections with your peers across campus.  Have questions?  Need more information?  Contact librarian Julie Arensdorf, or note your questions in our brief questionnaire.

We look forward to hosting all of you at this interdisciplinary meeting of the minds!