The Faculty/Staff Book Delivery Service Reemerges

June 1, 2015

Save yourself a trip and have books checked-out and sent to your office mailbox. This is a free service provided to faculty and staff by Memorial library, being highlighted again this fall.

How does it work? Complete and submit the online book delivery request form. The book is then retrieved, charged to your account (due date slip included), and sent to your office mailbox. Once shipped, items should be delivered within three business days. You will receive an email confirming request-filled (or not filled) status.

Some Restrictions Apply:

  • Limited to the following campus buildings: H.C. White, Humanities, Ingraham, Social Science, Van Hise, and Vilas
  • Limit of 5 requests per day
  • Limited to books-only. No journals, dvd/cds, mmc materials
  • Limited to Memorial library material-only. No ILL or UB books, no materials from Mills Music library, and nothing sent from Special Collections.
  • There is not a return service; please return books to library of your convenience.
  • This is a weekday-only service.

This is the final stage of the pilot project. If this is successful—and we certainly hope it is—the potential for campus-wide expansion may be in the future.

We value your feedback! Please let us know what you think of this service and how it might be improved.