SLISweb Policy

SLISweb is a webserver that serves iSchool faculty members and iSchool student organizations. We encourage current students to use MyWebSpace for personal websites.

General Guidelines

The users of SLISweb should follow these general guidelines.

  1. Limit the size of your web site to a maximum of two megabytes.
  2. Check and maintain links on a regular basis.
  3. Maintain a backup copy of all files placed on the server (we are not responsible for lost or deleted files).
  4. Experimenting with client side script is acceptable. Currently server side (CGI) script is unavailable for forms and counters.
  5. Users are expected, as information professionals, to place material and create links that would be deemed appropriate in an academic setting.

SLISweb accounts will be kept available if the guidelines are met and you have logged into your account within the last 2 years.