Computer Lab Policies

General Information

  • Only students enrolled in the Information School may use the Computer Laboratory.
  • Students using LIS software regarding LIS courses have first priority to use the lab. Doctoral students conducting research have second priority. Word processing is not a priority.
  • Students need to bring their own storage device for saving data files, i.e, e-mail or word processing documents. Students are not allowed to save onto the hard drive.
  • Students are not allowed to load personal software onto any of the computers. Students may consult the Project Assistant for special needs.
  • The Computer Laboratory will have limited hours during periods when the University is not in session. These times are generally the same hours the Information School Library is open and will be posted in advance.
  • The Computer Laboratory is a teaching center, and the use of the lab for class demonstrations and instruction takes precedence over individual use. When a class is in session, other students are not allowed to use the lab. These times will be posted on the lab reservation board.

AV Equipment Policies

  • The Computer Lab and all AV equipment are for use of iSchool faculty and students only. Non-iSchool students are not permitted use of the equipment.
  • Non-iSchool faculty/staff must contact the Library Director or the Lab Project Assistant to request use of the equipment. Requests will be addressed on a case by case basis.
  • iSchool students are free to use equipment that has not already been scheduled for instructor’s use for class presentations or other department related purposes. The equipment generally must not leave the 4th floor of Helen C. White Hall in these cases.
  • Students must call or email in advance to reserve equipment.
  • The iSchool Library has selective equipment for check out by iSchool students only at the circulation desk. You may want to check with the circulation desk to see if they have circulating equipment before contacting the iSchool Computer Lab with equipment requests.
  • Arrangements can be made to have equipment delivered to classrooms.
  • For previewing video tapes, the VCR and monitor can be used in the library.