About Licensed Resources

The UW-Madison Libraries website is openly accessible and presents a wide range of electronic resources. Many of these resources are purchased.  You can learn about responsible licensed electronic resource use here.

You are a validated UW-Madison Libraries patron if you are in a campus library or using a computer on campus via a campus LAN (Local Area Network).

If you are currently affiliated with UW-Madison but using a different ISP (Internet Service Provider), or using a campus VPN, or accessing our resources from another university, you need to login via the remote proxy service. This will happen automatically if you start accessing the library resource from the library’s website.

Note that using a campus VPN DOES NOT automatically give you access to library resources. Get to the resource through our library website, and the resource will automatically ask you to login with your UW-Madison netID.

Resources unavailable off-campus

Some library databases are only available to users on the campus LAN or in a specific library.  You can learn about the restrictions of different databases by viewing their records in the Database Library.