Off-Campus Access to Online Library Resources

Active UW-Madison faculty, staff, and enrolled students with valid UW IDs can access UW-Madison Library databases, full-text articles, and ebooks from anywhere in the world. There are two main ways to access our online resources when not on campus:

Access via the Library Website (preferred method)

  • Starting from anywhere within the Libraries website, find the database, ebook, or other resource you want to use and click it.
  • You will be prompted for your UW-Madison NetID when it is needed.

Access via Remote Access Bookmarklet

  • How to install and use the Bookmarklet
  • The bookmarklet lets you log into our off-campus authentication service without having to start from the Libraries website. This is particularly useful for accessing full-text articles from email alert links.

What About the Campus VPNs?

Using WiscVPN or any other campus VPN will not provide access to library resources on its own. If you are using WiscVPN, you will still need to use one of the two methods above to access online library resources.