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Monetary Gifts

The libraries welcome gifts to support purchases, services, and programs. Individual gifts can be given to the libraries through the UW Foundation. Unrestricted gifts provide libraries with the flexibility to select areas of greatest need. Donors are also invited to work with the libraries in designating special areas of interest.

All donors of the UW-Madison Libraries are considered Friends of the Library. Since 1948 the Friends of the Library have supported the priorities of the UW-Madison Libraries.  Annual donors who contribute $40 or more to any Library Fund may also receive a donor borrowing card for use in person at UW-Madison Libraries.

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Endowed funds provide the principle means of ensuring the excellence of today’s libraries. Endowment gifts are invested by the UW Foundation. These funds provide earnings to support the ongoing purchase and conservation of books, journals, and other materials. They also enhance programs and services.

Named endowments may be established, beginning at $10,000, through outright gifts, assignment of stocks, planned giving, or annuities. Development professionals are available to help integrate a major gift to the libraries into your financial planning.

Endowments are commemorated by the addition of donors’ names to the list of major benefactors prominently displayed in the lobby of Memorial Library. Specially designed memorial plates placed on purchases also acknowledge the generosity of donors.

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Why donate monetary gifts?

The number of students, teachers, and citizens using physical collections and the electronic library is large and growing. Demand for breadth and depth of coverage, for timeliness, and for information in all formats has never been greater. The combination of expertise, knowledge, and technology that UW-Madison Libraries provide offer the continuing opportunity for teaching, research, and lifelong learning.

Over the years thoughtful donors have significantly enriched the libraries through gifts of books and journals and through the establishment of special funds for projects and purchases. We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of our benefactors and offer the following information for those who may be considering monetary gifts or gifts-in-kind to libraries. Your help has never been more important.