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Card Catalog FAQ

How much does each drawer/plaque cost?

Each drawer is a gift donation of $1,000.

What are my payment options and when will the drawers be approved for production after payment?

The payments may be made as a one-time full payment, or over the course of three payments of $334, $333, and $333. Plaque will be approved upon submission, but not placed on drawers / unveiled until full payment is complete.

How often are the drawers unveiled?

The drawers will be unveiled twice a calendar year, during the spring and fall semesters.

Where are the drawers going to be located?

The card catalog drawers can currently be found in room 224 at Memorial Library.
To find this room, enter Memorial Library go to the second floor. If you take the staircase, turn left on the 2nd floor. If you take the elevators, turn right out of the elevators. Walk down the hallway to the next corridor with tables and computers. Turn right, and room 224 is ahead on the left.

What is the message approval process?

Once submitted, messages will be approved by a small committee comprised of Library and WFAA partners.

Are there design guidelines and limitations?

The font styles, sizes, and character limited are predetermined based on the size of the plaques. Similarly, the images available are also limited to Bucky and the UW Crest.

Can I pick a specific drawer / location?

Not at this time. Since the drawers will be unveiled twice a year, prior to each unveiling ceremony, the drawers will be installed randomly in a blocking manner across the entire card catalog wall.

Will the drawers still be used by the public (drawer content to remain inside)?

At this time, the drawers will remain available to the public for use of their contents.

If I purchase multiple drawers, will they be grouped together?

While the drawers will be randomly blocked throughout the card catalog wall, we cannot guarantee they will be grouped together, however we will do our best to accommodate requests that indicate they would like their drawers together.

How long can i expect my drawer to remain in the libraries, even if renovations or other work is done to the current room / structure?

We guarantee that drawers purchased will remain on display through the year 2050.