Other Instruction Spaces

In addition to the public spaces around College Library, there are two formal instruction spaces that can be reserved for a variety of uses.

Library Classroom, room 1193D

The library classroom, Room 1193D, is reserved for classes conducting library research. Priority is given to classes meeting the Communication A information literacy requirement, course-related library instruction, and library workshops.

The library classroom is located on the first floor of College Library, on the far west side. Enter the classroom through the Ethnic Studies Reading Room.


  • 20 PCs with Microsoft Office, Chrome, and Firefox
  • Instructor Workstation (PC with Microsoft Office, Chrome, and Firefox)
  • Projector
  • White Boards (4′ by 6′, movable)

Request a Library Session

Please contact Eliot Finkelstein. We request that you notify us at least two weeks before the desired session.

Sessions are conducted for the university community (classes, learning communities, residence hall groups, etc.), as well as for high school groups. Typical sessions include an introduction to the library resources and services available to the UW-Madison community.

Guidelines for Use

The library classroom is reserved for classes or groups conducting library research. Priority is given to the following:

  • classes meeting the Communication A information literacy requirement conducting library research
  • course-related library and information literacy instruction
  • library workshops
  • learning communities, high school groups conducting library research

Food and Drink Policy

In order to protect the library’s computer equipment, no food is allowed near any computers. Please use covered beverage containers. Please help keep the library clean and put trash and recyclables in their appropriate receptacles.

Computer Classroom, room 2257

College Library Computer Lab has a free computer classroom (room 2257) for faculty and staff teaching courses for credit at UW-Madison.


  • 1 projector
  • 25 Macintosh workstations, arranged in pods of 5 with a large shared monitor for each pod
  • an instructor’s station that can send its image to the projector and/or the large monitors at each pod
  • whiteboards

The classroom can also be rented for $75 per hour or $500 per day for non-credit course use. An additional fee of $50 per hour will be charged for custom setup.

Intended Use

The primary purpose of room 2257 is to serve as space for instructors of regular “for credit” academic courses to provide software training to their students on an occasional basis. Classes offered by DoIT or the library system that involve software training for students also have high priority. These requests will be processed first. Other UW-affiliated groups may request use of the room; however, permission will be granted only if the room is available after scheduling our first priority requests and if the class or training session fits within the scope of the computer lab’s mission.

  • Room 2257 is not intended to be used as a regularly scheduled classroom or training space.
  • Events scheduled in the space must have the sponsorship of the College Library Computer Lab, even in the case of events that are not funded by DoIT or the library.

Guidelines for use

  • The room should be reserved at least two weeks in advance of intended use. The room may not be reserved for events starting or ending outside of the library’s scheduled hours. Please be aware that the building is open more limited hours in the summer and during scheduled breaks.
  • Event will not appear on the calendar until approved by the library scheduler. Please check the calendar to verify your event.
  • Based on the stated purposes of the room, the library scheduler will resolve any scheduling conflicts.
  • If you need to be able to get in the room to set up and prepare before your group arrives, you should indicate the need for this additional time in your reservation request.
  • Please check in with the Computer Lab desk when you arrive.
  • The student assistants at the Computer Lab desk can help with minor technical issues that crop up, but if you feel you might need advanced technical assistance, please contact us at least a week before your scheduled event so that we can arrange for someone to be here or on call in case you need help.
  • The presenter is responsible for turning on equipment and doing any special set up or preparation that they need for the event. If you would like training in using the equipment, please contact the Computer Lab Manager at least a week before your event.
  • Following the event, the presenter is responsible for straightening up the room, including discarding left over handouts and erasing boards.
  • The presenter is responsible for turning off all equipment in the room after the event.
  • The event coordinator or presenter should inform the Computer Lab Manager of any known problems or repairs needed in the room.
  • Covered beverages and food are permitted in the room. The event coordinator is responsible for clean-up following an event.

Start times in Summer Sessions

If you are requesting to use the room in the summer or during a scheduled break and would like time to get into the room to do some preparation before your class arrives, then please do not schedule your class to begin before 9:00 a.m. The presenter may then arrive as early as 8:30 to do any needed setup.