Tool Library

College Library’s Tool Library provides access to objects ranging from power drills, to sewing machines, from soldering irons to general-purpose tool kits. Users can browse a full list of items in the Tool Library or search for specific tools in the library catalog. Some of the tools are specialized (e.g., voltmeter, glass cutter, or miter box and saw). Students don’t need them very often, but it’s hard to get by without them if they’re the right tool for the job! Others are pricey or bulky (like an air compressor) and hard to justify owning one when share a room in a residence hall. Others are super common … because sometimes you just need a screwdriver at 3 a.m.

Stored in a “shed” in 1st floor center (near the library’s entrance), items in the Tool Library (with the exception of the button-makers) circulate for seven days and can be checked out using a Wiscard. College Library also provides consumable components through our vending machine. Nails, screws, thread, button supplies, etc., are sold at cost. Everyone who borrows a piece of equipment must agree to a waiver of liability.

The Tool Library serves a variety of needs, and College Library welcomes your input on what to add.