Use Policies

Code of Conduct

Users of College Library are expected to follow the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries Code of Conduct. Other use policies listed below provide additional details specific to College Library.

Entrance Policies

College Library serves the library and research needs of University of Wisconsin students, faculty, and staff.

Members of the public not affiliated with the University of Wisconsin are welcome to use College Library for research and study during regular daytime and evening hours.

All people entering or using College Library between midnight and 6:00 a.m. (at times when the facility is open overnight) are required to present a valid UW-Madison ID both at the entry and whenever asked to do so by library staff, security or campus police.

Food & Drink

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are permitted in College Library. In order to protect the library’s computer equipment, no messy food or snacks are allowed near any computers. Please use covered beverage containers. Please help keep the library clean and put trash and recyclables in their appropriate receptacles.


College Library does not have any areas in which smoking is permitted.

The UW-Madison smoke-free policy states that effective April 8, 1991, all buildings and vehicles, regardless of location, which are owned or leased by the UW-Madison, will be entirely smoke free. The smoke-free policy will apply to all indoor space including individual faculty and administrative offices.

Entrances to all UW-Madison buildings are also smoke free within 25 feet of the doors. Please move away from the library and outside stairwell entrances to smoke.

Please report violations of this smoking policy that take place within the library to the Information Desk on the first floor. The University Police enforce activities that take place outside of the library, including smoking at entrances to the library. You may report violations of this policy by calling 262-2957.


In addition to library policies, all computers in the library are covered by the campus Responsible Use Policy.

Computer and Media Center computers in the 2nd floor (2250) and 3rd floor (3250) computer labs and within group study rooms have been purchased with designated tuition fees. Therefore, the computers are reserved for the use of UW-Madison students, faculty and staff.

Note that there are additional policies specific to the use of computers in the CMC.

Open Book Café and Collection computers (room 1250) have also been purchased with designated tuition fees and therefore require a valid UW-Madison login for use. These computers may be used for recreational purposes, such as games. Printing is available in room 1250, or can be sent to the 2nd floor computer lab for printing.

Research Help computers in the first floor reference area are primarily for people doing library research. Priority is given to those using information sources accessible from campus library web pages. Limited personal or recreational use of these computers, such as checking email or Internet surfing, is considered reasonable only if done for a brief period of time. We reserve the right to ask patrons to move to another computer in the library.

Stand-up/kiosk computers throughout the library are designed to be used for quick searching. The kiosk computers do not require an ID and are available to the public for short-term use, generally for no longer than 30 minutes.

McBurney Room

There is no longer a McBurney Resource Room at College Library. Information about available resources can be requested from the McBurney Disability Resource Center at 1305 Linden Drive. Their phone number is 263-2741, 263-6393 (TTY).

Use of Library Facilities

Use of university and library facilities is governed by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System under the Wisconsin Administrative Code (

In general, petitioning, surveying and soliciting within the library is considered inconsistent with the research and study mission of the library.

College Library does not offer a tabling service for student organization use to provide information or events that don’t support the primary academic and student learning mission of the library. Occasional exceptions may be made for efforts that are seen as having the broadest benefit to all students, such as voter registration, but the library can’t accommodate each individual effort for information tables, activities or give-aways.

Groups that want to conduct activities like this within the library should contact the library director or assistant director if you have a project that could be considered an exception due to its direct association with use of the library.

College Library reserves the right to prohibit filming in the library if it is believed that a filming project would be disruptive to patrons and staff. Anyone interested in filming in the library must complete a filming request form and obtain the signature of the library director, assistant director, or building manager. The form asks for basic information about the filming project.