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Department Directory

Also available, an alphabetical listing of all College Library staff.

General Information: 262-3245

College Library
Helen C. White Hall
600 North Park Street
Madison, WI 53706-1474

FAX: 262-4631

Email: helenc@library.wisc.edu
Website: https://www.library.wisc.edu/libraries/college

Administration: 263-2072

Director: Carrie Kruse
Assistant Director: Steve Frye
Administrative Assistant/Facility Coordinator: Kari Borgmeyer

Circulation: 263-3145

Thomas Adeetuk
Ian Benton

Circulation – Computer & Media Center (equipment): 263-4540

Bruce Broker

Collection Development: 265-5697

Coordinator: Kelli Hughes
Main Collection: Kelli Hughes, Pamela O’Donnell, Brooke Schenk, Tom Tews
Special Collections: Raina Bloom, Kelli Hughes, Trisha Prosise
Open Book: Ian Benton, Eliot Finkelstein, Pamela O’Donnell

Collection Management: 263-3145

Management Team: Ian Benton and Kelli Hughes
Thomas Adeetuk, Josiah Redford, and Patrick Strabala

Communications: 263-2014

Pamela O’Donnell

Computer & Media Center: 263-9889

Technology Operations Specialist: Crague Cook
Help Desk Coordinator: Miroslav Tomic
Circulation/equipment: Bruce Broker

Library & Information Literacy Instruction: 265-3376

Eliot Finkelstein, Instruction Coordinator
Leah Freemon, Teaching & Learning Resident Librarian

Lost & Found: 262-3245

Photocopy: 263-2072

Reference: 262-3245

Ian Benton
Steve Frye

Renewals/Recalls: 262-3245

Renewals/Computer & Media Center: 263-9889

Reserves and Electronic Reserves: 263-3145

Brooke Schenk
Josiah Redford
Patrick Strabala

Reserves Circulation: 263-3145

Thomas Adeetuk
Ian Benton

Security: 263-7336 / 262-6713

Supervisor: Steve Frye
Facility Coordinator: Kari Borgmeyer
Security Officers: Heather Gautsch, James Johnson
24-hr Late-night Supervisor: Alison Oestreicher