Accessibility at College Library

This page contains accessibility information specific to College Library. For general accessibility information about UW-Madison Libraries, see Accessibility.

Contact Information

For accessibility questions for this building, please use our Ask a Librarian service. If you need a resource or accommodation that is not listed on this page, please email

Accessing the Library

Building Map


  • Entrance and Exit through the courtyard facing Observatory Drive
    • There is an elevator from Lot 6 and 7 that goes to Floor one of Helen C. White. From there, exit into the courtyard to find the entrance to College Library
    • Curb cuts and ramps available from Lot 6 & 7, Park St., or Observatory Dr. to get to courtyard
    • Entrance to College Library includes two sets of eight glass doors.
    • One of the center right doors in each set of eight doors has an automated entry paddle.
    • Once inside, there are three entrance gates to the left with swinging gates, and two entrances/exit gates to the right that do not have swinging gates.
  • If that entrance or the pathway to the entrance is not available or is inaccessible, call the Information desk (608-263-3245) to see about elevator access.
  • Campus accessible entrance list


  • There is an elevator from Lot 6 (Street Level or Lower Level) that goes to Ground Level (Floor One) of Helen C. White. From there, exit into the courtyard and go left to find the entrance to College Library.
  • Once inside, the public access elevator for the library’s floors 1-3 is located on the West side of the library.

Parking & Transportation

Interior Space Accessibility

Accessible Furniture

  • One public computer with adjustable desk in 1st floor center
  • Two NetID log in height-adjustable workstations in Room 2250
  • One NetID log in height-adjustable black and white print station in Room 2250

Quiet Spaces

  • Room 2191
  • Room 3191 (Quiet in half of room near the lake, silent in half of the room closer to Observatory Dr.)

Distraction-free Spaces

  • Reflection Space – Room 2191

Lactation and Baby Changing Space


  • All rooms use energy saving lights. If no one has moved in a room for a certain amount of time, all but emergency lights will turn off. The lights will flicker once as they turn back on. 
  • There are lamps on a few tables in both Room 1193 and 1250.


College Library has one computer lab with accessibility software:

  • Room 2250
    • Kurzweil 3000: A comprehensive reading, writing, and learning software solution for any struggling reader, including individuals with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorder or those who are English Language Learners
    • Fusion: Magnification and screen reading software

College Library also has accessibility related equipment. To access this equipment, please go to the computer lab in Room 2250.

  • Two desktop computers on height-adjustable desks
  • One black and white printer on a height-adjustable desk (for additional printer/scanner/copier options, please ask at the Information desk)


Accessing Materials and Services

  • If you need help accessing materials or services in College Library, please ask at the 1st floor information desk (there is a wheelchair-height area at the desk).