How busy is College Library?

April 27, 2023

You may have noticed new sensors in a few of the library’s spaces and wondered about their purpose. They actually count wireless and Bluetooth devices in a given section and then estimate how many people are in the space given the number of devices in use.

This estimate then provides a snapshot of occupancy rates in Room 2191 (quiet study), Room 2250 (computer lab), Room 3191 (quiet & silent study), and Room 3250 (collaborative study). Library users can either get the Waitz app (downloadable on iOS and Android) to receive information on their phones or visit a website to see both the current status and likely future trends.

If you have concerns about privacy, rest assured that the sensors do not save or log the unique addresses of the devices, nor do they ever monitor what devices are doing.

For more information, please see the news article announcing the launch of this service.