Excellence-in-Service Awards

December 16, 2022

On Thursday, December 8, College Library recognized two student assistants with the “Excellence-in-Service” Award for their outstanding customer service and efforts on behalf of the library. Both Dawson Tysver, who works as a lead Library Technology Student Representative in the library’s computer lab, and Tristan Shoushounova, who works in the library’s circulation unit, received the award this semester.

Tristan is primarily stationed at the check-out desk and is always looking for ways to improve library workflows. According to one of his nominators, “Tristan is incredible. He is kind, smart, helpful, creative, reliable, and hard-working.” Another noted, “He is a perfect example of what good customer service looks like, for every encounter with a patron is genuine, real and helpful (and if he doesn’t know, he is honest and instead of giving misinformation, he finds someone with a solution.)” Also emphasized was his dedication to being a “team player.” His willingness to pick up shifts and fill gaps in the schedule is very much appreciated by permanent staff and students alike.

In the nomination letters for Dawson, his supervisor and colleagues also praised his dedication and ability to create “a welcoming and inclusive environment in the computer lab and the library as a whole.” They continue, “With his upbeat attitude, Dawson is a great resource for all of the other student workers, always willing to provide assistance and guidance. He actively looks for things to improve in the computer lab and advocates for changes that are needed.” One of the student assistants that Dawson trained went so far as to say, “He keeps the atmosphere very easy-going and encouraging, while being easy to approach. This was seen throughout my training when he made everything very easy to understand. Even now, I can forget a process that he has explained to me multiple times and he has no problem explaining it to me again.”

College Library’s Carrie Kruse presents a certificate to Dawson Tysver

College Library extends its sincere appreciation to all of the student assistants who staff the library twenty-four hours a day. We rely on them to keep library spaces and services running smoothly. Tristan and Dawson are dedicated to improving College Library and ensuring its patrons experience excellent customer service and for this reason, we congratulate them on their well-deserved award.