Student Award Recipients

April 27, 2022

On Wednesday, April 27, College Library staff presented Excellence-in-Service awards to two student assistants who both exemplify the library’s commitment to excellent customer service. Nyagoah Biel, who works in the library’s circulation unit, and Ava Butler-Piper, a lead worker in the library’s computer lab, received the award this spring.

In the nomination letters for Ava, her supervisor and colleagues praised her dedication to helping patrons and her efforts on behalf of the other student assistants in the computer lab. They reported that, “Ava is great mentor to the other students, always willing to provide help and guidance to her coworkers.” In addition, Ava was recognized for being eager to learn and take on new responsibilities. According to one nominator, she is “an absolute asset to our organization.”

Meanwhile, Nyagoah is a member of the Leadership Team for RCS (Reserves & Circulation). In that role she “collaborates to evaluate, hire, and train new RCS students. She’s excelled in her role as a Peer Mentor, providing thoughtful feedback about services or processes and how we may improve them to make life easier for staff and patrons.” Another staff member, who often worked the desk with Nyagoah, noted, her “positive attitude is positively infectious, and her work exemplifies the College Library mission. Nyagoah creates a welcoming environment for all and she is committed to providing outstanding service to our patrons.”

College Library extends its sincere appreciation to all of the student assistants who staff the library and keep things running smoothly, especially during the last year and all of the changes brought by the pandemic. We specifically thank Ava and Nyagoah for the wonderful example they provide.