Textbook Swap

April 11, 2022

College Library is teaming up with the Office of Sustainability to host a textbook swap in honor of Earth Week on Tuesday, April 19, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students with textbooks to donate can start dropping off books on April 11 at the College Library front desk. To donate books, please fill out a slip to share information about the class associated with the book and place it inside the book for swapping on the 19th.

The book swap is the brainchild of Norma Behrend-Martinez, an intern with the Office of Sustainability and a senior majoring in Journalism and Environmental Studies. Norma says: “While we were brainstorming for Earth Week events at the Office of Sustainability, I thought about the ever growing pile of required books at my apartment. Being an Environmental Studies and Journalism major, I have acquired a variety of nonfiction books and my boyfriend, who is a History major, goes through history books like crazy. The fact that we are going to move after graduation means we will have to find a place for them. This situation is all too real for many seniors while underclassmen often buy these same books from Amazon. So, I thought, why not let students swap required books? And when I contacted the College Library, I found they had been thinking about putting on a book swap too!”

The textbook swap will take place in the Open Book, Room 1250, on the first floor of College Library. Students can take up to five textbooks the day of the swap. Questions and comments can be directed to Kelli Hughes at kelli.hughes@wisc.edu