College Library Honors Student Assistants

December 10, 2021

After a pandemic hiatus, College Library staff are pleased to honor three deserving students with an “Excellence-in-Service” award. This year’s recipients, Isabelle Paulsen, Hannah Sun, and Reina Worth, exemplify the best in our students’ commitment to providing a positive experience for library patrons and staff.

Isabelle, who has been a lead worker with the Collection Management Office for the past two years, oversees student training, creates and monitors task grids, and assists with hiring and scheduling student staff. According to her nomination letter, “It’s no small feat to participate in all of these tasks, but Isabelle continually impresses us by completing everything in a timely manner and giving us something even greater than we anticipated.” Another nominator noted, “I’ve seen countless service interactions where she skillfully negotiated patrons’ needs. She is knowledgeable, steady, empathetic, and kind.”

Hannah also works in the Collection Management Office and was lauded for a variety of efforts. According to her nomination, Hannah “has taken on key roles for multiple projects. She took the lead on transferring outdated materials from our wiki to a repository. After she finishing that assignment, Hannah began work on the new Tool Library. She tagged, bagged, and barcoded all existing items and made handy notes to illustrate how she organized the cabinet.” Hannah is currently working on updating training materials ensuring that she “will be making an impact at College even after she’s gone.” Hannah is the only recipient graduating this December.

Reina’s many accomplishments were acknowledged by her supervisors who wrote, “in her role as the End User Computing (EUC) Project Lead, she has been a critical part of our operations and supervision team at the College Library and Memorial Library Computer Labs, during the height of the pandemic and through our return to campus. In the absence of permanent staff coverage due to retirement, Reina acts as our main line of communication for equipment circulation services. She is also the person who handles the majority of our equipment repairs, extension requests, and fine appeals, requiring that she communicate with a large number of patrons and coworkers each day. When Reina sees a need, she attempts to provide for it or seek out the right people to do so.” The nomination letter continues, “between communications, outreach, leadership, and team engagement, Reina has shown every aspect we expect from the best and brightest of College Library’s student workers.”

College Library extends its sincere appreciation to all of the student assistants who staff the library, especially under challenging circumstances, and wish all of our graduating seniors the best in life beyond the library.

Reina, Isabelle, and Hannah with certificates