Two Students Receive Award

December 10, 2018

On Tuesday, Dec. 4, College Library recognized the exceptional work of two student assistants, PJ Derr, who works at the Info Desk (and on other circulation-related tasks), and Matt Wu, a lead worker in the library’s ever-busy computer lab. Every semester the library selects two students who best embody our service ethos to receive the College Library “Excellence-in-Service” Award.

Several people submitting nominations on PJ’s behalf, remarked on his relentless positivity and welcoming energy. One person wrote, “he is quick to jump out of his seat to help staff or patrons with anything,” while another lauded his initiative which extends to “covering frequent overnights (doing a single overnight a week is exhausting) and being super-friendly and cheerful 100% of the time!” Another nominator wrote, “PJ is incredibly friendly and kind to both patrons and staff … he’s also very knowledgeable about library procedure and policy and has politely/respectfully school me so many times when I was still learning the ropes. PJ is an RCS superhero and absolutely deserves this award!!”

Matt, who has been working the library’s computer lab since January 2017, has showed his initiative and dedication from that moment on. In his nomination form, this effort was recognized, “As a lead worker, Matt has continued to take on more responsibilities, picking up shifts and odd jobs while balancing projects and diligently leading his coworkers to be successful at whatever they are doing.” The fact that Matt can be counted on for projects outside of the desk was also referenced; “he has been integral to SOAR setup and teardown each year and has cultivated a solid relationship with the WisCEL full-time staff, who think the world of him.” Congratulations to Matt and PJ – both really deserved this award!

College Library extends its sincere appreciation to all of the student assistants who staff the library and wish all of our graduating seniors the best in life beyond the library.

Carrie Kruse, director of College Library, presenting Matt with his certificate