Vicki Taylor to Retire

June 27th, 2018

On July 3, 2018, Vicki Taylor will celebrate her 40th anniversary of working for the State of Wisconsin, and it will also be her last day at College Library as she retires after twenty years of service to the General Library System as the College’s facility and office manager. We congratulate Vicki on a well deserved retirement!

College Library has seen many significant remodeling projects over the twenty years that Vicki has worked at the library and she has been a “rock” in managing and coordinating the logistics of all the contractors and FP&M staff involved. These projects include: CURB retrofitting of infrastructure throughout the library, Open Book Café, 1st floor/Information Desk remodel, WisCEL, Media Studios & DesignLab, computer lab, and SOAR-related improvements. Not only has she managed remodeling, she also capably dealt with the daily facility issues that come up in a busy, heavily-used building and coordinated with our all-important custodial services staff. Vicki has also helped support our work to achieve more sustainable practices in the library and has been a committed member of the “Helen C. Green” team.

In addition, Vicki managed our main office, handling all shipping and supplies, mail shelf, lost & found, student hiring paperwork, and myriad other tasks that happen behind the scenes for a smooth operation and administration of the library. College Library staff will greatly miss her and wish her the very best!

— Carrie Kruse

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