Welcome New Overnight Supervisor

January 22nd, 2018

College Library would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to Alison Oestreicher who started as the new Overnight Supervisor in November 2017. In this role, she is responsible for library security and training/supervising student assistants between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. When asked her favorite part of the job, Alison responded, “I love being around to answer students’ questions during these overnight hours.” She further noted, “I also enjoy meeting and getting to know student assistants; they all have such difference experiences to share and I get to live vicariously through them!”

Alison is a spring 2017 graduate of UW-Madison, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in French with a certificate in teaching English as a Second Language. During her time as an undergraduate, she spent three years working at MERIT where she trained and coordinated MERIT’s circulation, technology, and reference student workers at a combined service desk.

When asked about her new hours, Alison admitted that she had long been a morning person, someone who was “in bed no later than 11 p.m.” And although the switch to being up all night “was a little difficult at first,” she actually prefers her new schedule now that she’s had time to acclimate. “I’ve embraced the night life,” she reports.

During her free time, Alison’s hobbies include cooking, baking, reading, and playing Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch. She confesses, “I’ve been totally consumed by this game!”

Although she still hasn’t made any firm decisions about her future plans, Alison is committed to being an educator and is certain that “this passion will always play a role in anything that I may do in the future.” In fact, she has recently become interested in the field of mental health and would like to explore how she can provide support and aid to those in crisis situations. She revealed, “I’m researching different programs on campus that will give me a better understanding on the nuances of mental health and how best to help others.”

College Library is pleased to be able to have someone as capable and caring as Alison to oversee operations in the overnight hours.

Welcome, Alison!

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