iPad Pros Arrive

November 13, 2017

The Computer Lab at College Library recently added a number of iPad Pros to the range of equipment which circulates from the desk in Room 2250. According to Jay Ray, the Technology Operations Manager at College Library, “The iPad Airs we had were four years old and it was time to upgrade. We are delighted to be able to offer the current generation of iPads. They have faster processing speeds and can be paired with devices like Apple Pencils.”

Indeed, five of the 9.7 inch iPads now circulate with an Apple Pencil and, along with a 12.9 inch version, can be reserved in advance. Users interested in exploring illustration or drawing applications will appreciate the clarity and pixel-level accuracy available with these devices. The Adobe Creative Suite and similar professional apps are available to download in the App Store, many for free.

If no reservations are available, there are an additional twenty iPad Pros (10.5″ models) circulating on a first-come, first-served basis from the desk in the computer lab. Any of these can be paired with one of the six Apple Pencils also in circulation.

As Jay notes, “having the latest technology available to campus gives users ample opportunity to be creative. For example, Apple’s most recent sets of apps highlight some of the new and interesting interaction paradigms developers are exploring.” Having the hardware on hand to support such cutting-edge applications fulfills an important part of the library’s mission to aid university-level research.

And speaking of creative solutions, the retired iPad Airs will be repurposed during the spring semester, becoming part of a package that can be checked out by instructors to support classroom teaching. Stay tuned for more innovation updates!

A 12.9 inch iPad Pro available from College Library’s Computer Lab