Banned Books Week

September 21, 2017

Banned Books Week is an annual event celebrating the right to read and the value of free and open access to literature and information. As this year’s graphic emphasizes, “Words have power!” From September 24-30, College Library is highlighting frequently challenged or banned books in an effort to call attention to the danger of censorship.

Every year, hundreds of books are challenged in an effort to remove them from libraries and schools. Reasons range from titles being too scary for minors or about occult topics to featuring LGBT themes and containing offensive language. Thanks to librarians, students, journalists, and other patrons fighting against the censorship of information, only about 10% of all challenged books, however, actually are banned. And by reading these challenged books, you too are fighting against the effort to restrict information!

In a display curated by ISIP intern Kira Cronin-Hennessy, oft-challenged titles are featured along with buttons, stickers, and bookmarks celebrating the right to read. Please help yourself to any item and show your support for this important cause.

Find more information on Banned Books Week on the ALA’s site and at Even better, check out the display, select a title, and read a banned book!