Blind Date with a Book

February 8, 2017

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, College Library launched it’s 2nd annual “Blind Date with a Book” display in Open Book, Room 1250. Selected by Ana Wong, the library’s current ISIP intern, the titles include fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and short stories. All are guaranteed to be eminently readable.

The idea for the original book display was suggested by a student assistant at College Library, Syaza Noor Azmi. Since each book is wrapped in order to hide the author and title, readers have to trust the brief description provided and take a leap of faith when selecting a book. Syaza thought one geared specifically toward undergrads would be a great way to get people to try out reading new genres. Installing it around Valentine’s Day works well, because, as she said, “a blind date with a new book does seem romantic.”

Blind Date with a Book Display at Memorial Library

Similar displays are also available at Memorial Library and Steenbock Library.