Award Recipients Announced

December 9, 2016

Every semester College Library recognizes the efforts of two student assistants who best demonstrate the library’s commitment to excellent customer service. This fall, Shayla Kaoher and Syaza Noor Azmi were selected for their outstanding commitment to College Library and dedication in serving the library’s numerous patrons.

Shayla, who works in the library’s InfoLab, was recognized for the quality of her work. One of her nominators noted, “Without Shayla, the CMC would be markedly worse in approachability, cleanliness, and organization. Her continued efforts to make the CMC a better place for patrons and co-workers makes her an easy nominee.” Shayla was also nominated by two of her fellow student assistants who shared that, “Her positivity radiates throughout the CMC, and she is a joy to work with.”

Syaza, who works most closely with the library’s overnight supervisor, is well known for the number of overnight shifts she has worked at College Library. In her position she as documented more than a few daybreaks for the “Helen C. Sunrise Club.” Her nomination letter spoke of Syaza as someone “who works hard, anticipates patrons’ needs, and treats everyone with kidness and respect.” The author goes on to say that, “Syaza as a person, is an even bigger asset to the library. She brings light and air with her everywhere. Her positivity is astounding. But she is not just smiles and laughter; she is an extremely mature, tough, and intelligent person.”

College Library extends its sincere appreciation to all of the student assistants who staff the library and keep things running smoothly. The library could not function without their dedication.

Assistant Director Steve Frye announcing the award with Shayla Kaoher
Award recipients Syaza and Shayla