April 8, 2016

National Library Week is April 10-16, which is a good opportunity to think about the very core of library service and philosophy. Diversity is a fundamental value of the American Library Association and and is a underlying principle of the Library Bill of Rights.

It is within this context that College Library considers its own mission statement and reflects on how well we are doing to ensure a welcoming environment for all, especially in light of the recent campus discussions around diversity, inclusion, and in particular the experiences of non-majority students. Our mission states:

College Library supports the strategic goals of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and facilitates discovery and learning by creating a welcoming environment for all, especially those new to academic research.

The library provides physical and virtual access to a variety of information services, technologies and collections that reflect the changing needs of undergraduates. The library’s staff members are dedicated to teaching effective and appropriate use of current and emerging technologies and information resources.

Through a strong sense of community and a deep commitment to undergraduate education, College Library promotes an atmosphere of inclusion and independence that fosters lifelong learning.


To the students who use College Library: our goal is to ensure that you ALL truly feel welcomed and supported in the library. Please work with us to achieve this goal. College Library actively works to be an inclusive and welcoming environment that values diverse perspectives and experience. We also know that it is not enough simply to say that we are welcoming, but that all students need to feel welcome. Join us in considering how best we can accomplish our mission. If you have suggestions for improvements in the library, please contact us. If you have experienced any hate or bias situations in the library, please use the incident report form available here. Also, if you are willing, let us know about any incidents directly. You may always contact the staff at the first floor information desk about any issue or concern you have, or contact the College Library Director, Carrie Kruse to share any thoughts about your experiences in College Library.