Congrats Students!

December 9, 2015

Every semester College Library recognizes the efforts of two student assistants who best demonstrate the library’s commitment to excellent customer service. This spring, Kaedan O’Brien and Sarah Takacs, who both work primarily at the library’s circulation desk, received the award.

Sarah and Kaedan were both recognized for their willingness to go above and beyond expectations. One of Sarah’s nominators wrote, “Sarah is just ridiculously competent. I had the busiest shift of the year with just Sarah and she handled a line of people and managed them unbelievably well.  I think I would have died if I had been on the desk with anyone else!” Her supervisor wrote, “I’ve never seen a student worker’s eyes light up at the prospect of getting to craft a scheduling spreadsheet before.” Meanwhile, Kaedan was commended for “spending shifts solving problems before I even register that they exist.” As one of his nomination letters noted, “one month he was the new guy, the next he was the go-to guy.”

College Library extends its warmest appreciation to all of the student assistants who keep the library up and running and to Kaedan and Sarah specifically for the wonderful example they provide.

Carrie Kruse, director of College Library, presenting Sarah with her certificate