Retro Photo Contest

October 29th, 2015

Remember the big green screen at the Helen C. House Party and all of the cool simulated retro photos taken that night? Now it’s your chance to choose your favorite! Simply go to the library’s Facebook page, review an album of images from each of the six backgrounds available that evening, and “like” your favorite.

Steps: Go to College Library’s Facebook page > Click on Photos > Select Albums > Review images
in a Retro Album  > “Like” your favorite photo > Repeat for each album (one for each background, six total)

The photo with the most likes in each Retro Album will advance to the next round in our Favorite Retro Photo Contest. The winning photo will join other campus images on the 3rd floor of College Library (and the photo of Dean Berquam playing broomball – our first contest winner)!

Retro Photo Contest

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