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Library COVID-19 Dashboard
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24/5 Hours Begin

September 8, 2015
College Library is pleased to begin its 24-hour service starting on Tuesday, Sept. 8. Although we had shorter hours in the previous week with the mid-week semester start prior to Labor Day weekend, we now commence our regular fall semester hours.
The UWMadison Libraries are committed to ensuring students, faculty, staff, and the community have access to the quality services we provide in order to meet the teaching, research, and learning needs of our users. After significant study and consideration, College Library decided to slightly modify its hours of operation, based on the usage times that will most benefit our patrons.
We remain committed to our hallmark 24-hour service, which is available five nights a week (Sunday-Thursday). This academic year we close on Friday and Saturday nights at 11 pm, and open on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 11 am. These opening and closing times for the weekends are slightly adjusted from previous years when we closed at 11:45 pm and opened at 10 am.
We will also continue to expand our hours to 24/7 during the final two weeks of the semester as we have done in past years. Hours may vary during certain campus events such as legal holidays, winter and summer interim, spring break, etc. Please check the library’s hours of operation page for updates. If you have questions about College Library’s new hours, please contact Carrie Kruse, Director.