Excellence-in-Service Awards

May 7th, 2015

Every semester College Library recognizes the efforts of two student assistants who best demonstrate the library’s commitment to excellent customer service. This spring, Simon Ouedraogo, who works primarily at the circulation desk, and Taylor Kaspar, an assistant in the Computer Lab, received the award.

In addition to their dedication to ensuring patrons leave the library with the information, materials or equipment they need, both Simon and Taylor were recognized for their willingness to step in and cover shifts for fellow student workers. Indeed, one of the nominations noted that, “Simon takes shifts all the time that no one else would be able to take, overnight shifts, you name it.” Meanwhile, one of Taylor’s peers wrote in her nomination letter, “Taylor is an absolutely wonderful employee. She’s always going above and beyond to help patrons and to keep this place clean and looking wonderful!”

College Library extends its warmest appreciation to all of the student assistants who keep the library up and running and to Simon and Taylor specifically for the wonderful example they provide.