Illumination Art

February 27, 2015
Pieces from Illumination in Open Book

The Illumination Gallery in Open Book is now featuring artwork from the Fall 2014 issue of the journal Illumination: The Undergraduate Journal of Humanities. Six pieces in a variety of media are showcased in Room 1250 of College Library, although many dramatically use the contrast between black and white to highlight the drama or humor in their subject.

For more information on submitting artwork, essays, poetry or prose, please visit the Illumination website.

Aaron David 2
“Grievance” by Aaron David, Film Still.
Kandy Watson
“The 70s Project (Series)” by Kandy Watson, Photography
Brian Thue
“A Heart Attack in the Prayer Position” by Brian P. Thue, Etching
Will Doty Turnt
“Turnt” by Will Doty, Graphite & ink on bristol
Ariel Wood
“Look How She Handled the Machine” by Ariel Wood, Etching & aquatint