Projection as Annotation

November 19, 2014

College Library welcomes a video installation to the windows above the entrance to the library.

Taking the library as site of inquiry and the window/screen as both a place to view and represent a culturally and geographically specific location, students April Bethea, Amanda DePagter, Kaitlin Dunn, Lauryn Gold and Jay Katelansky in Art History 569, Interdisciplinary Studies in the Arts: Spaces, Publics, Projection, will present a series of three-channel videos, rear-projected onto the window above the main entrance of the university’s undergraduate library in Helen C. White Hall.

The video works examine: the history of cinema and the problematic casting of race; the politics of skateboarding in urban space; the changing landscape on and around the isthmus; the mental space occupied by screens in student life; and the representation in documentary and narrative film of racial tensions and violence on college campuses and beyond.

Video projections will be on view weekdays after dusk from Wednesday, November 12th through Tuesday, November 25th. For more information, contact Prof. Anna Campbell.