New Library Websites

August 27, 2014

You may have noticed – College Library’s website has undergone a major transformation! The culmination of a year’s worth of effort, our online presence now reflects similar changes to the libraries’ primary website. Launched on Monday, July 14, College’s new home page features a header that allows users to search for books and articles directly from our page, yet retains all of the location-specific information beneath the image. As more campus libraries are converted to this template, visitors will find it easy to locate standard information about hours, locations, and contact information across the many sites.

The new home-page has been designed with the user in mind – everyone from incoming freshmen to senior faculty – and has undergone extensive user testing. Of course, moving a site as large and complicated as the libraries’ is a challenge and if you encounter any problems, feel free to contact us. You’ll find the information is still in the process of being added to the new site, so we ask your indulgence if you discover empty or broken links. Our intention is to have the College Library website fully functional by the beginning of the fall semester.