Undergraduate Research Awards

March 9, 2012

College Library, in conjunction with the Undergraduate Symposium, offers annual Undergraduate Research Awards which celebrate excellence and creativity in library research.

A drop-in information session about the awards and application process is scheduled for Tuesday, March 20, from 5-6 pm in the 1st floor center, Rm. 1209A. The deadline for submitting an application is March 30, 2012.

Examples of library research include the literature review for a laboratory study, the use of primary sources in a historical research paper, or the background research for a creative arts project. Successful candidates will demonstrate the application of information literacy skills in the library research process and in the use of library resources in the final project.

Up to three Library Research Awards and one Research in Progress Award are presented each year at the Undergraduate Symposium. The Research in Progress Award is intended for projects that will not be completed prior to the Library Research Award deadline. Winners of Library Research Awards receive a cash prize of $300. The winner of the Research in Progress Award receives a cash prize of $150.

See the web site for more information.