Construction updates

December 12, 2011

As finals approach, the construction activity in College Library is reduced, but unfortunately, not eliminated. Several projects have been completed, but some continue on and require continued work during weekday regular business hours.

The exterior concrete restoration project is done. There is no more drilling noise from this project and the courtyard space for bicycle and moped parking is no longer taken up by the company’s large construction trailer.

The remodeling of room 3250 is mostly finished. We expect some furniture delivery and a few small updates over the next few weeks, but disruption in the space should be minimal.

The new construction project in room 2250 continues during the last two weeks of the semester. This is a project we control and we requested that no disruptive work occur at the time of finals. Any minor disruptions should be brief. Once the semester is over, the room will be closed completely for the remainder of the work to move forward. As a result, College Library will be unable to offer poster printing until the InfoLab re-opens at the start of spring semester.

The one remaining disruptive project involves the stairways and entry. This “curtain wall” replacement is not a project we can control. The library requested that work not be done during finals, but they are unable to accommodate that request because of the project completion deadline. Noise will continue from this project during the day on weekdays. The last two days of the semester (Dec. 22-23) will see a transition in preparation for the library’s doors to be replaced over intersession. A temporary wall will be installed and traffic in and out of the library will be affected. We hope that most students will be done with finals and heading home for the holidays by then, however we know that this will be an inconvenience to those still using the library to the very end of the semester.

Students requiring quiet might want to consider studying in another location during daytime hours. Evenings and overnights will not have any disruptive construction noise.

For the complete overview of all of the projects that are happening or have happened during fall semester, please see this featured article. Contact library director, Carrie Kruse, with any questions.