Room 3250 Now Open

November 17, 2011

While we still await some furniture delivery and finishing touches are underway, room 3250 is now open for use. The computer lab remodeling begins in room 2250 now that additional computers are available on the third floor. Both rooms are open and have general access computing available. Room 3250 also offers great new study space, including booths, lounge furniture, and break-out rooms of various sizes in addition to the computers. Room 2250 continues to offer poster printing, equipment check-out, digital video editing, flatbed scanners and general computing in the south side of the room. The north end of the room is closed off for construction.

The Math classes that are part of the Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning (WisCEL) have moved to room 3250 and are held during posted hours in one section of the Active Learning Lab. While the room is generally open for use, work continues during regular business hours. Some improvements are still needed in lighting, electrical hook-ups, temperature controls, and some glass wall panels will be replaced in the coming weeks. Note that the room may not always be open during all the hours that the library is open.

Room 3250 is definitely a “work in progress” at this time and officially opens at the beginning of spring semester in January. There is too much good space ready to go for us to delay making it available, so feel free to explore and start making use of the beautifully remodeled room. Just know that during the day, work on various things may be going on around you.

Opening room 3250 allows work in the 2nd floor computer lab (room 2250) to begin. There are three phases of remodeling happening in that space. Phase one (November-December) involves preparing the space for the addition of Media Studio classrooms and DesignLab consultation space. Phase two finishes those spaces to have them ready for the beginning of spring semester, and adds a new Help Desk and remodeled entryway (January). The room will be closed during winter break for Phase two. The remaining phase (remodeled general access computing and software training classroom) will be completed in summer 2012.

This is one of many projects occurring in the library this semester. For more information about other changes, please see the featured article, Changes in College Library. Questions? Contact College Library Director, Carrie Kruse.