Campus Partners Return

September 21st, 2011

College Library once again has a full complement of campus partners offering their services in the library. Students visiting the library can get tips on their résumé, help from the Writing Center, advice from Cross-College Advising Service, and tutoring from GUTS. In general, the services are available at the following times:

CCAS (Advising) · Room 1209A
Monday-Thursday: 5-9pm

GUTS (Tutoring) · Room 1209B
Sunday: 3-11pm
Monday-Thursday: 5-11pm

Let’s Talk (UHS Counseling) · Room 3205
Monday: 12:30-2:30pm

L&S Career Services · Room 1209C
Wednesday: 5-7pm

Writing Center · Room 1209C
Sunday-Thursday: 7-10pm

AAP/CAE is also offering services to students in enrolled in their program in various spaces in Room 2191. Check “Today in College Library” (aka TICL) for full details.

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