Student Services at College Library

March 7th, 2011

As the semester continues, a number of campus services have settled into an established routine, offering drop-in tutoring or advising to interested students. The one exception would be Cross-College Advising Service (CCAS) which is expanded its hours in the coming weeks. The current schedules for the various students services are:

GUTS · Sunday, 3-11pm; Monday-Thursday, 5-11pm
L&S Career Services · Wednesday, 5-7pm
Writing Center · Sunday-Thursday, 7-10pm

· March 7-10 – Monday-Thursday, 5-9pm
· March 21-24 – Monday-Thursday, 5-9pm
· March 29-April 6 – Tuesday and Wednesday, 5-9pm
· April 11-28 – Monday-Thursday, 5-9pm
· May 3-4 – Tuesday and Wednesday, 5-9pm

If you really want to be on top of everything at College Library, there’s a new monitor which displays the time/location for the various classes, drop-ins, etc., occurring at the library. Known as TICL (“Today in College Library”), you can see what’s scheduled every day by accessing this website.

GUTS space