Finance and Analytics Lab

The Finance and Analytics Lab (FAL) is a 45 seat, multipurpose space on the first floor of the Learning Commons.

Each student seat has a computer that is loaded with software commonly found in Grainger (see list) as well as specialized finance software such as Bloomberg, Capital IQ, and Factset.

Additional features of the FAL include:

  • Nine pods that seat five students
  • Ability to share instructor and student displays throughout the room
  • Ability to conduct web conferences
  • Voice and audio amplification

During the day, the room is reserved for courses that engage students in active learning, group collaboration, and/or require students to work at computers. Instructors wishing to use the lab for instruction must request the space through WSB Academic Affairs (contact Sharon Kahn in the Office of the Dean).

During the early evening (roughly 5:30-7:00), the lab will be made available for co-curricular activities such as WSB club meetings, guest speakers, workshops and other specialized events. To reserve the space for such events, please contact Event Services.

Pending special events, the FAL is open for ad-hoc student use during the following times throughout the week:

  • Monday: 11:00am-2:00pm, 4:00pm-close
  • Tuesday: 4:00pm-close
  • Wednesday: 12:30pm-close
  • Thursday: 4:00pm-close
  • Friday: 8:00-10:30am, 4:15pm-close

 The lab is available for ad-hoc use during open hours on Saturday and Sunday.